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Daman has always been very passionate about Beauty and Makeup. As a mother of two young and energetic boys, Daman soon realized time was her most valuable asset. Applying makeup every morning was becoming very time consuming. “Wouldn’t it be great if I woke up like this?”

This question sparked her interest in the world of permanent makeup. She also learned there were so many women out there who had trouble applying makeup for different health reasons. Women with tremors couldn’t apply eye makeup without a steady hand. Other women had movement restrictions due to certain illnesses like arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Daman desperately wanted to help women feel their best and enhance their confidence. She began her journey in the field of permanent makeup by attending classes in the accredited International School of Permanent Makeup. This formal training provided her with the innate artistic ability to master the field of permanent makeup and perfect her skills.

Daman believes in staying on top of current trends to provide her clients with the most innovative services to achieve their cosmetic goals. She attends continuing education programs to ensure she is providing the safest most advanced techniques available.

Call For Appointment  :  929-215-7565

Certified Microblading Specialist
Certified Permanent Makeup Artist 100 hours course
Needless Hyaluron Pen Specialist, certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Board Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM)
Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional (SPCP)
Specializes in permanent color application (Micro-pigmentation) of the lips, eyebrow, and face
Licensed by Nassau Department of Health to practice cosmetic tattoo procedures


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