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Lip blushing: Natural Lip Enhancement $600

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic process that enhances your natural lip shape and color, giving your lips a fuller more youthful appearance. A tiny specialized needle is used to perform the procedure. Lip blushing evens the tone and makes corrections to achieve symmetry in your lips by redefining irregular lip lines. This procedure is designed to help restore faded lips, creating a fresher and younger appearance. Lip blushing may also be used to color correct hyper pigmented lips.

About the procedure

Lip blushing is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that takes around 2 hours to complete.

Whether you want a soft, natural-looking lip tint or a full lipstick effect, Daman will ensure you receive the desired results. You may require 1 – 3 sessions depending on your color selection and preferred look. A custom color will be created for the client that can perfectly compliment their skin tone. We use safe, high quality numbing cream and appropriate safety precautions to make our client’s experience as painless and smooth as possible

We believe in delivering safe and quality services, and receiving 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, at Beauty Me By D, we only use good quality, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic pigments for lip blushing.

The effects of Lip blushing are long-lasting and can stay up to 2 years or more depending on the procedure; pigmentation used, and lip maintenance with regular touch-ups.

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How Your Lip Color Will Heal

Recovery & Aftercare
Days 1-2: You love your new lip color!

Your lip color will appear brighter than it will heal. Your lips will also feel swollen and tender. Your color will begin to darken temporarily throughout the day as the pigment oxidizes.

Days 3-14: Swelling will have finished.

Your lips will feel dry and start the flaking process. Allow shedding to happen naturally. As your lips flake, it will appear that your lip color is very light and “frosty”. This is only temporary as you are still healing. Over the next several days your lip color will reappear until it fully blooms.

Days 28-42: It’s time for your followup

By this time your lips are fully healed and it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light or at all imperfectly. Applying a second layer of new color will build off of your previous color, creating a more saturated and longer-lasting lip. During this appointment, you also have the opportunity to further adjust the shape if desired.

Advantages & Benefits of Lip Blushing

  • Natural Lip Enhancement
  • Color Rejuvenation
  • Color correction hyper pigmentation / hypo pigmentation
  • Shape & Color Individually Designed
  • Medical grade, Hypo-allergenic Pigments
  • Full, Youthful Appearance
  • Longevity of up to 36 months

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