Fat Melting Treatment

No-Needles Fat Melting Treatment $199 Per Session(Must Purchase Four Sessions To See Results)

In this procedure, the Hyaluron pen is used to inject the areas that have unflattering and stubborn fat with fat dissolving products. It stimulates the process of dissolving the fat wall and makes it release its fatty acids. The procedure needs to be done until you get the desired result. The treatment is completed in a range of regular sessions. There might be 3-9 sessions required to achieve your desired results, depending on the extent of the fat.

The fat-dissolving treatment using the Hyaluron pen effectively reduces fat around your waist, chin, arms, and thighs. The treatment involves minimal pain, and usually, anesthetics are not required during the treatment. After the treatment, you might feel slight stinging, redness, bruising or swelling on the treated area, but it is normal. It will subside within 24-48 hours. In some cases, swelling may take up to a week to heal. Your skin will feel tighter instantly after the treatment. However, it will take a few weeks to achieve the final visible results.

Get Needle-Free Fat Melting Treatment At Beauty Me By D

At Beauty Me By D, we use advanced FDA approved Hyaluron Pen technology to provide needle-free fat dissolving treatment. We use the highest quality fat-dissolving products to deliver exceptional services to our clients. Daman is well-experienced in performing the minimally painful procedure to remove the body fat through stimulating the natural fat degradation process in the targeted area.

It is essential to follow the right diet and hydration for a successful recovery. Daman is prepared to guide you throughout the process to achieve your desired results. She will ensure that your skin appears tight and in perfect shape after the treatment. Client safety is of utmost importance for Beauty Me By D. Therefore, we use safe and natural solutions to shrink the fat storage and provide long-lasting and effective results.

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