"I have always been insecure about my top lip. Compared to the bottom lip it always looked very small. I could see my gums when I smiled. Daman worked with me to slowly build volume on my top lip to better match the bottom lip. I was always afraid of needles so she used a needless lip filling device to work on my lips. And OMG !! My lips look perfect ! Very natural and subtle . What I liked most was I was in control of how much volume I wanted on my top lip. Doing it in 2 sessions gave my the confidence as we worked slowly to build up to my desired volume. Next I want to work on my double chin."

Kayla S

"My lips are now so beautiful! I didn't have a pretty color to my lips before and Daman shaped and colored them to make such a difference to my face and smile. It's really unbelievable. My lips are supple and the dryness went away. I can smile and it is a beautiful smile. I can't wait to get lip fillers now to go with this beautiful lip blush color."

Amy Williams

"Daman is a professional! This was my first experience with microblading and I was hesitant at first but I’m so glad that I did it! She explained everything very thoroughly and made feel extremely comfortable. She’s patient and super knowledgeable. She went over the different techniques and informed of the healing process and the aftercare! I went back a second time for a touch up and this time I tried the powder look. I use to pencil my eyebrows in everyday but no longer need to. They look very natural and I’m loving my eyebrows! Overall excellent service, great ambience, and super clean! She is amazing and I will be recommending to all my friends. So happy with the results! Thank you Daman!"

Anuroop Kaur

"Thank you Daman ! For finally giving me the eyebrows I've been wanting for so long! No more trying to draw on brows and never getting them quite right. This makes my mornings easier."

Sarah Johnson

"I just had my eyebrows micro-bladed by Daman and she was amazing and they look so natural. What I really liked was the time she spent planning the shape of the brow. When you are getting something fairly permanent on your face you want to be really happy with it. I didn't feel rushed at all and she was open to my idea's. I would recommend her to anyone. I may be back for something else, who knows???"

Tanya Colon

"So happy I took the chance to have Daman fix my previous tattoo. Had a terrible job on them 8 years ago resulted in 8 years of trying to cover it up. Daman is a professional and did a miracle job fixing them up :)She spent a lot of time planning and mapping my eyebrows. Amazing! No hesitation recommending you go see her."

Brenda Sanchez

"I had an excellent experience! I went in for the lip blush procedure. Daman was professional and attentive. She listened to my needs, incorporating her professional judgement, and took her time, walking me through the process- step- by -step. During the procedure, which can be be painful depending on your pain tolerance despite appropriate topical numbing agents, Daman would constantly check in to see how I was feeling. She is caring and exudes great interpersonal skills, exceeding the level of standard of care! The site itself was very clean and therapeutic. I had a pleasant time for something that can be uncomfortable. Throughout the visit, you hear relaxing music.... you feel as though you’re in a spa. Seating is comfortable. You see equipment regularly sanitized. Overall, the experience and service was outstanding! I will certainly be going back! I highly recommend this place, without any reservations!"

Navjot Kaur